Useful Links for New Residents

As we are having settlements take place at our YoYo Aurora project, we would like to make sure that all of our residents have a smooth move in process and services connections to their homes. We have put together some useful website links to assist you with your connection enquiries.

Ordering your Waste and Recycling Bins

As you are moving into a newly built home, you will need to order your garbage and recycling bins through the local council, City of Whittlesea. Bins may take up to 5 business days to be delivered to your home, please liaise with your local council for more up to date information regarding delivery timelines.

The council requires a copy of your property’s certificate of occupancy permit before they are able to deliver your bins. If you have already settled and taken possession of your home, your legal practitioner would have already provided you with a copy or you will find your digital copy provided in our handover pack. If you are settling and taking possession of your home in the coming weeks, you can request a copy from your legal practitioner or Rivergum Homes will provide this certificate once the building is complete and handed over to you.

Click here to order your bins.

Your Water Authority

Yarra Valley Water is your local water authority. Whether you need assistance with managing your account, reporting a fault, troubleshooting a problem with your service or need additional information on how to manage your water at home, you can find the information here.

Electricity Account

To ensure that your electricity is connected when you move into your new home, you are registered with Origin Energy. However, you may opt to use a preferred retailer to suit your needs. Click here to learn more about Origin Energy.

Free to Air TV and Internet Connection

You will need to contact Opticomm to have your initial NBN connection carried out. You can then choose a preferred NBN service provider for your internet and phone services.

Your Free to Air TV will also come through with your Opticomm Connection as there aren’t any physical TV antennas installed in your new home. Television including Foxtel services are all provided through fibre optic network. Click here to learn more.